Community Service Projects

Central Iowa Water Garden Association

Each year in July, Central Iowa Water Garden Association holds the annual water garden tour. A small portion of the proceeds are used to enhance the knowledge of our members through educational offerings, the remainder is returned to our communites through service projects, where we install or aid in the installation of a water feature to enhance the garden or entrance of a non-profit agency or business. We invite those who are members of or have knowledge of such an agency or business that would benifit from such an addition to their facility to contact CIWGA to be considered.


Animal Rescue League, Des Moines
Under the direction of Chris Thompson at Just Add Water, members of CIWGA dug a very large hole just to the right of the main entrance at the Animal Rescue League. Over the next few weeks Chris would finalize the installation of the three large boulders that were drilled to accommadate a pondless water feature. Several other groups completed landscaping the area surrounding the boulder fountain creating a striking entrance to the ARL.

Enabling Garden, Altoona
Started in 2002 the Enabling Garden is a work in progress, and CIWGA was proud to be asked to be a part of that progess when they installed a boulder fountain in 2010. Guided by Chris Thompson of Just Add Water, members met on a very warm summer day to dig a fountain basin and start the installation proccess. Master Gardeners completed the landscaping after Chris completed the fountain installation.

Enabling Garden Fountain

Central Iowa Shelter and Services, Des Moines
In September 2012 Central Iowa Shelter and Services completed construction and opened their new facility on the west side of downtown Des Moines. In the summer of 2013 CIWGA was proud to assist in the completion of a pondless water fountain in the inner coutyard at the shelter. A focal point in the courtyard it invites all to come into the garden area.

CISS fountain

The Garden of Hopes and Dreams, Ankeny
In 2010 a small group of Ankeny gardeners concieved the idea of an enabling garden for all of Ankeny. After a slow beginning the Garden is now off and growing on the southwest corner of the DMACC campus adjacent to the administration building. Volunteers meet most weeks to weed and plant. CIWGA is happy to make the first contribution toward a water feature for the Garden.